Hello world!

My North West London based dog walking company is very new and very small, run only my me at this time.

I am professional and passionate about dogs of all shapes and sizes. I offer walking, boarding and pet sitting throughout the week and on weekends if agreed and arranged in advance! At the moment I am on the promotional trail adding my details to all the local vets and pet shops within the Brent area and also w10 North Kensignton, nw6 Queens Park and Kilburn. I have submitted my details into the Google Places app too and waiting for them to approve it to go up onto their directory for the local area… Ive been added to several doggy website databases for dog walkers inc:

The Good Dog GuideĀ http://www.thegooddogguide.com/london/kensalgreen/dog-walkers

and GumtreeĀ http://www.gumtree.com/p/community/fun-on-all-paws-dog-walking-pet-sitting-service/77337039

the others are still pending… I will also check with the councils who run the parks I walk in if they can stick my posters up on their park notice boards just in case anyone should take a glance over and read them!

I am fully insured for all eventualities and have back up from 2 local vets. I am CRB checked and about to go onto a canine first aid course too!

It’s all very exciting!

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