Don’t Cook Your Dog!

Since the huge uproar in response to the police officer who left two dogs in his care to die inside his vehicle last Sunday, there has been a fresh campaign on Twitter created by @beverleycuddy the Editor of Dogs Today magazine to raise awareness of this issue which is widely misunderstood by many dog owners of how fatal leaving their dog in a car on a hot day, even for a few minutes can be.

Here is the poster for the campaign:

Dogs will die if left in a hot car, even with the windows down.

They will also be gathering support from charities such as Dogs Trust and also approaching celebrities too. Gordon Ramsay is first on their hit list due to the relevance of dogs cooking slowly in a hot car. There was an experiment performed by the RSPCA a few years ago which showed how a dog does start to cook from the inside even with the windows down in a matter of minutes. They have put forward the idea of a new demo piece featuring a slab of raw meat cooking in the heat produced from the sun on a hot day within a typical family car. Please read Beverley’s blog for further info and how you can help!¬†

I am very passionate about this along with other aspects of animal welfare, PUPAID being another one in particular, so I cannot¬†emphasise enough PLEASE PLEASE NEVER EVER LEAVE YOUR DOG IN YOUR CAR ON A HOT DAY. NOT EVEN FOR A MINUTE. Let’s spread the word to dog owners and walkers alike in NW10, NW6, NW2, W10 and beyond.

If you ever see a dog which has been left in a vehicle then you MUST alert the authorities IMMEDIATELY! Call the Police and report the location.

Here is the RSPCAs advice on what to do and how to read the signs:

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