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I thought it would be a nice idea to write about what I am doing with my days since setting up my own dog walking business in NW10. It mainly consists of walking, writing, planning, advertising, dreaming, shopping and emailing.

Walking my own pooch in his favourite places in and around NW10, NW6 Queens Park and W10 is the highlight of my day and bringing along the other dogs who now join me for our walks which seems to be few and far between recently. Because my business is so new, 3 weeks and counting, I only have 2 other dogs who get to enjoy an afternoon with me on my walks. We tend to favour the hidden secret of Wormwood Scrubs in W10, or “The Scrubs” known to locals, which is a large 200 acre nature reserve located in West London off the main road and hidden behind an expanse of trees it offers a wide open grassy field for the dogs to run about and play in. There are 2 small copse sections that offer shade in the summer and is home to a variety of plant and wildlife. It appears to be a secret as everytime I go there is only ever a handful of other walkers there making it mostly very peaceful, uncrowded and safe for dogs to meet each other, sniff, play and it makes a very relaxing hour long stroll!

As well as the walking, I have also been drawing up a business plan so I can hopefully find some money to buy a little van for the dogs so I can spread my services further afield and take more advantage of other parks in London of which there are LOADS! I am already finding it a struggle to walk the dogs on foot especially due to my newest addition Tyrone the Rhodesian Ridgeback! He is a friendly giant! Thank God for the Halti head collar, that’s all I can say! He is stronger then he knows! I want it to be a safe and comfortable space for the dogs to travel in and be happy while im collecting other dogs, also when it’s time for them to get back in after their walk. It will eventually have cages but I will make sure the floor is padded and fitted with soft blankets and towels. They will have plenty of water and the odd chew to occupy then whilst in transit.

It’s so important to understand your dog’s needs and exercise is very high indeed. They need mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis with a good amount of sleep afterwards. You’ll always find that you may have a dog with social or attention issues if you are unable to get them outside for at least an hour of daily exercise. Dog Walkers who genuinely care about the well being of every dog will understand this the most. My main aim is to ensure each dog gets their individual needs met while in my care. Even if your dog is not very mobile then there are a number of stimulating games to play with them to get their brains active! You’ll notice how tired they become afterwards! Even sniffing is exhausting to some dogs, especially to the young ‘uns! Hiding little treats can be a great game for dogs no matter if they can get out or not!

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