Pound the Pavements or Burn the Rubber?

To buy a van or not to buy a van, that is the question!

As the weather begins to close in (Summer never exists very long in the UK) I have been more and more inclined to purchase a medium sized van as a general run around to collect the dogs and keep them safe, warm and dry. I also will be broadening my catchment area in order to be there for the dogs and the owners when they need me! I have been putting my new posters in and around: NW10, NW2, NW6, W10 and W9 which is a very large area to cover on foot.

Keep an eye out in your local cafes, vets and pet shops for my colourful flyer!

My latest flyer!

I have been deliberating whether to continue to use my VW Golf which I have harness seat belts for small dogs if they are happy and willing to sit calmly on the back seat together whilst en route to and from the park. I have only needed to use my car for a few new customers but I am not happy with this entirely as I don’t feel it is appropriate. I have seen several walkers in the area transporting their dogs all crammed together in the boot of an estate car which is, in my eyes, unbelievable. Can or is it even legal? Surely their insurance, if they have any, doesn’t cover this!

I intend on beginning with dog guards and a cage or two bolted down but the main aim is to have a good van kitted out with at least four cages and a comfortable space for larger dogs to sit. I have applied for a “Pet Transport License” from DEFRA which I hope will give my customers comfort knowing their pooches are in safe hands and will enjoy their trips to and from their walkies! I just have to decide whether to bite the bullet and purchase a van soon or hold out until I can be sure it’ll pay for itself. My business is still very young and I worry that I may be ever so slightly impatient with it’s progress! All I want to be doing every day is going out and about with the dogs! I will never walk more then 6 dogs at one time on my own but that will be on rare occasions as four-five is the main average I’m aiming for. The van does not need to be very big but cannot be too small either!

Do I carry on pounding those pavements, leaving extra time to collect the dogs, or do I burn the rubber saving time, working further and spending more? Watch this space!

If you have any recommendations for my first van then I’m all ears! :)

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