Top Tips from NW6!

Handy Doggy Tips I can’t take credit for!

Since introducing LJ into my life, I have entered a whole new world of Dog! The Doggy community in North West London is lovely and I love nothing more then letting our dogs play happily around us while we stand in the middle of the park, packed into a huddle swapping stories, advice and watching our dogs chasing each other in circles around us and making friends all over again each time we meet!

I have been storing various (tried and tested) handy hints and tips that Ive picked up from my fellow dog owner acquaintances and friends. I feel that it’s only right, now I am in the Pet Care business, that I share these little pearls of wisdom with you! Of course, some tips may not always be suitable for every dog so exercise caution and tread carefully until you know it’s working! They are only intended to make your life a little easier, NOT to cut corners on matters that need tending to thoroughly.

If your dog/pup is finding meal times a bit boring then it never hurts to bring a little fun

LJ finds his dinner tastes better in his Kong!

into din dins every now and then! Stuff a Kong with their food, maybe add in a low fat treat to keep them going, and watch how it all becomes new and exciting again!

Dip a rawhide chew into some warm water to soak it so it helps them get started on chewing it if they are not very strong chewers or are teething.

If your dog is partial to a spot of rolling in the smelliest thing in the field, fox poo is their favourite, then put some tomato ketchup on a cloth or kitchen towel and rub it into the offending area and leave for a few minutes then wash off. The acetic acid in the tomato neutralises the smell! It is totally harmless, just watch your dog to make sure they don’t try licking it off!

On a hot day a great treat to help hydrate your dog is ice cubes! Most dogs love them so

Frozen Tuna IceCube treats.

try freezing something tasty inside like tuna or bits of sausage. It’s best to serve them in a bowl or outside in the shade to prevent mess.

You may already be aware of this tip as it is pretty popular around here. A great way to save the pennies on poo bags is to use the supermarket’s own brand of scented degradable nappy bags! They are the same but often half the price. I also recommend investing in a good, sealed container to carry your full bags in until you find a bin so you don’t have to walk around with a stinky squidgy, heavy bag dangling from your hand! Check out these: they even have scented disks inside to keep the bag fresh. I use one and it really does work!

Credit where credit is due: Linda Ward of Boredom Busters who is a dog walker & trainer (TBC) based in Brentwood, Essex, Chloe Brown, fellow Min Pin owner (LJ’s BFF) & the lovely Dicky Bag!

(The tomato ketchup one was my own research and experiment)

If you have any more helpful, non medical based tips then please share them here with me! Just make a comment then I’ll check it, approve it and publish on this post!

Always remember: If you are in any doubt please consult your local vet about anything. Also NEVER EVER leave your dog in a car on a hot or warm day. They could die in minutes even with the window down. Please read my previous post regarding this serious matter for advice.

The best tip: HAVE FUN! Enjoy your dog! xx


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