All I want for Christmas is….

PLEASE PLEASE reconsider buying a dog for your child as a Christmas present.

If you feel you have thought long and hard about it then PLEASE continue to think.

Are you ready and willing to look after another living being once your child has grown tired of it? Dogs have an adverge life span of around 15 years. Are you ready and willing to take it out for an hour’s walk EVERY DAY for 15 years? Are you prepared for the months and months of housetraining and obediance training that this little dog needs? Do you have enough money to feed, insure, medicate and fund this little dog all through it’s life no matter what happens? Have you researched how much vet’s bills and vaccinations can be?

Do you have enough time each day to give to this little dog? Or have you considered putting money aside to hire a walker/daycare if you work full time? Do you have a plan of action for where your dog will go if you ever decide to go on holiday without it? or even just a dog free weekend away?

Have you researched the correct breed that will suit your lifestyle and family home?

Are you aware of puppy farming and the conditions they are bred and raised in? Do you know the right places to look before choosing you dog? Do you know the places to avoid?

Owning a dog is not dissimilar to caring for a child. They require a lot of attention and care. More then you may be bargaining for! Rehoming a dog is NOT an easy option out if you are thinking that as a move if you decide it’s not working out. A large percentage this year are not allowing any dogs to be rehomed until after the New Year in an attempt to discourage their dogs being taken home as Christmas presents.

For the alarming statistics after The Dog’s Trust completed a survey on households over the UK see this for an idea of what dog’s and rehoming centres are facingĀ


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