Discover Dogs at Crufts!

Since my dogwalking company kicked off in July 2011 I have become very familiar with the parks, streets and road in NW10, NW2, NW6 and surrounding areas. My regular pooches have chosen Gladstone Park in NW2 as their favourite place for a morning run/sniff/roll/romp!

Lottie and Tyla tracing a scent

I have also been introduced to many new breeds and some super friendly doggies who join us on our daily dogwalks! My most recent encounter is with a cross breed often called a Bull Arab originating from Australia. The wonderful mix of Great Dane, Mastiff and Greyhound makes this a large and graceful dog with a friendly, gentle nature.

I also have a Kelpie, an Australian Cattle dog who is also very gentle and intelligent. I have so much time and interest in meeting all breeds from around the world and learning about their origins and temperament.

This year I will be attending Crufts for the first time! It is a largest and most well known dog show in the world, held at Birmingham NEC from 8th-11th March 2012 it houses hundreds of traders in 5 halls including the main dog show arena and the Discover Dogs section that allows you to meet and greet over 200 different pedigree breeds and their knowledgeable owners. People also considering getting a dog can also use this area to research the right breed for their lifestyle and the best breeders to buy a healthy dog assured by The Kennel Club.

Crufts is a dog lover’s dream and well worth the entry fee of £14 (advance discounted price) or £17 on the day. There are additional tickets to gain entry to the judged Best in Show competitions.

Remember to budget for this event as you’ll find it VERY hard to resist not buying shed loads of exclusive goodies or you and your dog! Many traders are offering deals and products which are exclusive to Crufts and cannot be found online or anywhere else.

grab your advance tickets here:

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