Delightfully Designed Doggy Din Dins!

I have been trying to combat LJ’s bad breath for the last 6 months… He was a little dog storing some seriously BAD breath! I feed him a healthy, nutrious mix of Burns Mini Bites which does not include any additives or maize which is often use to bulk out dry food. He also has a spoonful of wet food in the form of Nature Diet fresh meat and vegetable mix to add extra taste and keep things interesting. All these come at a reasonable price if bought in bulk. I am happy to pay at a premium for a good, fresh, honest dog food that is tasty, good for his gut and made ethically within the UK.

All this did start to combat the bad aromas which had been emitting from both ends of his little body since he was a pup but, after the farts stopped, the bad breath still hadn’t been toned down to a level I was happy with. I started researching other natural supplements or treats, chews etc that might help when I came across DinDins!

A small, friendly innovative company which focuses on putting back all the essential nautral elements found in raw foods which some processed foods are missing. We all often opt for a more processed diet as it offers convenience and, a lot of the time, it keeps longer and stores better then raw ingredients.  A lot of common ailments found in our pets these days are often due to the lack these important elements in their food which need to be restored and returned into their diets.

By simply adding a spoonful of DinDins Wickedly Raw Supplement into LJ’s food once a day was enough for a huge result after just 4 weeks! I highly recommend it to anybody who has a dog or cat who suffers from any of these: infections, rashes, baldness, itching, food intolerances, skin conditions, pigmentation, and helps glossy coats. Good for puppies, pregnancy, immunity, vitality, blood sugars, joints, pancreatic insufficiency, maintenance of kidney issues and cystitis, runny stools, constipation, IBS/IBDS, intestinal problems, and weight maintenance.

Read more about this particular product here:

If you wish to find out more before trying it out then Alison or Kerry would be more then happy to help you further and talk you though any questions you may have.

There are a lot of products out there designed to cover the smell with instant remedies such as spray or mints to chew but to properly fight the problem for good you need to work out why your pet has the problem and where to tackle it, not to just mask over it. DinDins aim is to help you maintain a healthy pet from the inside which will always show on the outside in appearance, vitality and personality!


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