Dog Walks (UB8 and UB10

A few of my lovely regulars welcome your dog to join in the fun!


I provide a top notch service for your dog so you can head off to work without worrying that your woofer is home alone walkless and bored..

I will come to your home and pick up your fuzzy friend in my purpose built van with safety standard travel crates so they can join in my doggy gang and go for a 1 hour (min) walk along with any toys they cannot leave home without! From the time I pick them up to the time they are returned safely home, they will be out of the house for up to approx 2 hours. Plenty of time to stretch those legs and satisfy their energy levels!  Each dog is given a personal tag to wear when they are out with me. (Better Safe Then Sorry!)

Cooling down in the cosy crates with big bowls of water!


It’s great to come home to a wagging tail and well exercised leggies! Your dog will always be pleased to see you but they will be even more pleased to see that you have arranged for them to play with new doggy pals to break up their day! I always take my gang to safe, open green spaces where I prefer to let them have an hour of off lead fun unless you specify otherwise. Dogs are naturally curious and social creatures so I will make sure they are well stimulated and encouraged to express their natural instincts. I do ask that you provide the appropriate lead, collar and tag plus a harness if needed.

I can take your dog out on a lead so if you require an on-lead walk then I can consider using a long line lead once within safe park boundaries away from the road.   DISCLAIMER: It is your responsibility to inform me if your dog does not have a good recall as I cannot be held to blame if they fail to come back or run away if they have not been sufficiently trained.

* please check my Terms and Conditions for advice on doggies who are able to be considered as a new gang member.

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