Doggy Day Care

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Apologies but DayCare is currently unavailable until further notice. Please check back soon for updates!

Sometimes a couple of hours of entertainment for your pooch just doesn’t feel like it’s enough… That’s where my Doggy Day Care service comes to your aid!

I can collect your pooch, or if you prefer, you can drop them off to me on your way to work. Which ever arrangement is best for that particular day, then your dog is in for some serious fun!   Activities include 2 walks, lots of games and cuddles until they are ready for a snooze before being dropped off or collected by you at the end of the day at the best time to suit you.

Charlie Brown my regular daycare dog

While they are enjoying some down time and taking a snooze they will have a wide range of toys and soft beds and sheepskin dog friendly rugs to relax on in my home!

I also have plenty of healthy, tasty treats for them if we play a few games to stimulate their brains and cover a few basic training commands. A really popular treat are my tuna ice cubes! They are especially good for those hot summer days for a tasty rehydrating treat after a walk!

Little Tinker comes to relax a day every week for daycare!

Of course, if I feel that the weather is unsuitable or unsafe to take your dog outside, for example when it is too hot/humid, then I will spend the day in the shade or inside playing games and letting them relax and interact.

I can guarantee that your dog will be in safe and loving hands while in my care as I love each dog who comes to Fun On All Paws as if they where my own.

PLEASE NOTE: If your dog is a medium/large breed then I will be unable to offer daycare due to lack of space in my home, especially if your dog is quite lively & finds it hard to settle. I can still consider older medium breeds or those who enjoy a long sleep after their walks and don’t require lots of room to bounce around!

Doggy Day Care prices are from £30 for the day.

collection and drop off times to be arranged. Prices may vary depending on breed and age.

Please drop me a line or an email to discuss further!

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