Here are my answers to many of the questions i’m often asked. I hope it helps!

Q:  Which areas do you cover?

A: I have a catchment area currently spanning over postcodes NW10, NW6, NW2, W9 and W10. I have drawn a map to help you! If you live just outside of this boundary then please feel free to call as I may still be able to help!!

Q: Do you take Staffies or Bull Breeds?

A: I am able to consider most breeds for my walks. I operate a “Safety First” policy which entails a no obligation visit from me and LJ to assess your dog before they are allowed to join our walks. Please see my T’s & C’s.

Q: How much notice do you need for walks etc?

A: I require AT LEAST 24 hours notice if you need me OR if you need to cancel. Ideally, if you can give me a week’s notice of how many days you need then that would be best as I plan my schedule for my walks at the weekends!

Q: Do you sell any accessories or dog products?

A: I am due to extend my website to include a “Dog Shop” where I will be offering handmade collars, leads and other items from tried and tested homemade manufacturers. I will only sell high quality, practical products from other fellow small businesses based and produced within the UK.

Q: Do you feed treats to the dogs on your walks?

A: I will only treat your dog if you have authorised me to do so and approved of the treats I use or given me a selection of your preferred treats. I will treat the dogs only when necessary in order to reward them for recall or obeying a command I have given them at the time. I never overfeed or treat them “willy-nilly”

Q: How many dogs do you take on a group walk?

A: NEVER more then 6. I am insured for 6 dogs at a time but I currently only walk 5 at one time with dogs I know I will be able to control and who get along with each other. If I have larger dogs or a group who enjoy more running rather then a gentle stroll I will always try to mix and match the dogs to suit a certain type of walk so they can get the best out of it! My groups numbers are currently between 4-5 dogs a time.








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