Pet Pop-In Service

Meadow my puppy pop in dog!


I understand that there are times when you can’t always be around to make sure your fluffy friend is fed,watered, peed, pooed and played with.. you may be at work, attending an appointment or even on a much needed holiday… No matter why you can’t be there, I can! Under your strict instructions I will pop round and make sure your furry friend has everything they need, when they need it. I can also administer basic medications such as drops or tablets into their food too.

Playful LJ

My pet pop-in service does include more lengthily visits if required for older/younger pets for company, cuddles and playtime purposes… Depending on your pet’s nature they may need a bit more attention and company then you can always give, especially during the busy weekdays. I am also happy to complete small chores for you if you are away for longer periods e.g water plants, collect post and generally check over your home to make sure it’s all tickety boo!

Give me a call or an email and we can discuss your requirements and how I can help you and your pet feel better about each day you can’t be there.

I also provide home boarding for well behaved small breed dogs too! Check the page for further details. As with the walking, I will have to assess your dog to make sure they are suitable for boarding and also gets on with LJ too! He has to give his approval to share his sleepzone!

Old Lady Taff needed regular pop ins for feeding and short walks.

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