Welcome to my Terms and Conditions blurb…

Please make sure you take a note of these as they are important to me and I have written them down as they will help to protect me, you and most importantly, your furry friend!

It’s up to me:

to make sure your dog is safe and under control. I will never let your dog off the lead until I have your written consent to do so. Once off lead I will ensure they are within the boundaries of a safe park away from roads and traffic as much as possible.

In order to maintain in full control of your dog I will only walk dogs who have a good basic commands and recall, non-aggressive dogs and bitches when they are NOT in season.      (If you require your bitch to be walked when she is in season then I can arrange Solo walks for her)

I will never walk more then 6 dogs at one time but the vast majority of my walks will only have 4 dogs together at one time.

to pick up any mess your dog leaves whilst under my care in public places, I will also provide the correct equipment to do so.

I will do my best to stop any dogs who enjoy rolling in fox poo or any other stinky substance but if they beat me to it then I have wipes to hand to get the general dirt off but I cannot completely eliminate it nor the smell during a walk. This requires a bigger job and more time which I cannot supply!

If you choose to allow me to keep a key to your home so I can gain access whilst you are away, I will ensure it is kept in a safe place at all times. I am insured for loss of keys in case of accidental loss or theft. I will not enter your home on any other occasion apart from when arranged to do so. I will not make a copy of your key or let another person use it without your permission.

If I have not had contact from you or walked your dog in 3 months or more I will seek to return your keys to you as I cannot keep any house keys in my possession if they are no longer needed for security and insurance reasons.

to inform you of any unforeseen circumstances which your dog may fall under, i.e illness, injury or escape! Each dog wears a personal tag while under my care displaying my number and name or their safety and our reassurance!

I have the right to return any dog without notice who nips, mouths, bites or continues to cause a nuisance and I struggle to maintain control. Any walks which have to be cut short will still incur the full cost.

it’s up to you:

to provide proof and dates of all current vaccinations. you must ensure your dog is in good health and not carrying any illness or diseases which can spread to the other dogs. If I believe that your dog is not in good health then I reserve the right to seek advice from my local vet and return your dog without notice. You will be liable for any fees incurred.

to provide me with a contact in case of emergency, vet details, contact number and a trusted 3rd party if i am unable to get hold of you. If i am unable to get your dog to your registered vet then I will take them to either the nearest one, if it is extremely urgent, or to my vet: All pets, 7 Sidmouth Parade, Sidmouth Road, London, NW2 5HG or The Veterinary Centre 748 Harrow Road, Kensal Green, London, NW10 5LE.

All fees will be paid by you, the dog owner either in person or by invoice if the vet is happy to do so.

to provide the right equipment in order for me to safely take your dog on a walk: collar, ID tag, lead, harness where appropriate, toys, treats and coats when in adverse weather. Even though I provide a basic ID tag for your dog to wear with my name and number while they are out with me, the law still requires you to provide an ID tag displayed on their collar with your details.

WINTER WEATHER DISCLAIMER: During the rainy, wet and muddy seasons (most of the year in the UK!) I will provide wet wipes and towels to get the majority of dirt and damp off your dog but I cannot return them home in pristine condition. Please make sure you provide the correct items (i.e Towels!) to ensure they can be dried off once home or inform me if you would like them left in a particular area to prevent them making your home smell of “Wet Dog!”

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, stating that your dog has good recall and that you allow Fun On All Paws to let your dog off the lead you accept full liability for your dog’s well-being should an accident occur as a result of your dog being off the lead. It is also your responsibility to insure your pet to cover any vet bills in case of illness or an accident. Depending on the circumstances of an accident, I am also insured for public liability.

NONE PAYMENT: If you fail to pay me the amount invoiced to you after 4 weeks from the agreed date the payment was due then I hold the right to cease walking your dog until that particular payment is made.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need to cancel any bookings you must do so at least 48 hours or more prior to the *day of the scheduled walk (not the time of the scheduled walk) unless under extreme circumstances or I have the right to retain any payments made or due for that booking.  *By Midnight

LATE BOOKINGS: If you request a walk within 24 hours of the day you need and I am able to reschedule my day to accommodate your dog, a late booking fee of £5 will be applied on to top of the normal charge. I always try to accommodate you but to guarantee a space for your dog please book their walks at least a week in advance if possible!!


CASH: All non regular bookings & new customers must pay, in cash, on collection of your dog.

*Regular customers: Will be invoiced at the end of each month or week. Payment is by cash or online transfer.

CHEQUE: If you need to make a one off payment by cheque, please inform me in advance and leave me your signed and dated cheque for collection at your next dog walk. Please make cheques payable to “Laura Tew”.                                                                                          I would appreciate it if you informed me beforehand if you need to pay me this way.

If your cheque is returned unpaid by the bank, I will pass on to you the current bank charge for failed cheque credits (currently approx. £7.50) this will be in addition to your outstanding payment.

STANDING ORDER/ONLINE TRANSFER: For regular customers I am happy to give you my details for you to set up a Standing Order or manual transfer, which ever suits you, to make life a little easier.

Prompt payment is gratefully received. Payment to be no later than 14 days after invoice date. If payment is not received by this date then 20% of the bill will be added to the total for each day that payment is overdue.

I agree to Fun On All Paws terms and conditions.

(agreement also by ticking the check box on the registration form)





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